As with other outdoor sports, kayaking also requires the right essential tools and proper dressing. The correct dress code will make your activity more fun and enjoyable. The dressing for kayaking activity depends on the environment, mainly on water temperature, not on air temperature. It is very important to waterproof your valuable things while kayaking.

What to Wear Kayaking?

Basic Dress Code

There are some basic things that you need to consider, no matter what weather conditions.

PFD or Life Jacket

You have to wear your PFD (Personal flotation device) for safety purposes. It helps you to afloat in water. It is an essential piece for kayakers. Many people are not comfortable wearing life jackets while paddling. They do not feel free so you have to invest in good quality of life jacket that would be comfortable for you. PFD is a life-saving equipment in the water.

Wear Layers

When we go for outdoor sports, we wear layers. As with other outdoor sports, you should wear layers when kayaking. Layers help you to maintain your body temperature also in changing weather conditions. Thin layers are the best for insulation and keeping your body warm in cold. You should avoid wearing cotton dresses.

Protection from Sun

UPF-rated fabrics are the best for protection from sun exposure. You should apply sunscreen to your body even on cloudy days. Sunscreen alone is not enough for sun protection, you also need to also dress appropriately to protect yourself from sun exposure.

Clothing for Warm Weather

There is some suggestion on what one should wear in warm weather.

  1. You should choose a long sleeved shirt. There are many advantages of long sleeve shirt, it protects from sunburn and also keeps you cool because its fabric is made with polyester. It has fast drying quality.
  2. At the bottom, you should wear shorts. You can wear any kind of shorts except jeans shorts. Shorts would be super thin fabric, quick dry, and comfortable. You can also go with yoga pants which would be best for kayaking.
  3. You should wear good kayak shoes or sandals. You should avoid flip-flops because they slip off easily, which may cause injury.
  4. You should add a wide-brimmed hat with a chin strap for protecting your face, head, and shoulders from the UV rays of the sun.
  5. To protect your eyes from sun exposure you should use sunglasses with retainer straps.

Clothing for Cold Weather

Here are some suggestions of what you should wear for kayaking in cold weather.

  1. People are not comfortable in wet and cold clothes so you should wear a rain jacket. It will save you from rain. Therefore investing in a rain jacket in cold weather will be more enjoyable and best for kayaking. Only a paddling jacket is not enough in cold weather you have to wear also thermal base and mid layers.
  2. In the cold weather, you have to wear long sleeve tops of quick-drying synthetic material. It will keep you warm and help to regulate your body temperature. It will not work in cold weather without a waterproof jacket.
  3. At the bottom, you should wear splash pants which are specially designed for paddling. But if the weather is very cold then you should also wear long underwear as your base. It could be more enjoyable and comfortable in the cold.
  4. If you want to do kayaking at extremely low temperatures only a kayaking outfit will not be enough. You must add a hat (a balaclava-type hat) that covers your head, face, and neck. It will be your smart choice in extremely cold weather.
  5. You must invest in neoprene gloves and boots instead of regular gloves. It will protect your hands and feet in harsh environments.

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