Are you a water-sport enthusiast and like hitting beaches very often? Then it becomes very important that you invest in the right kayak shoes! Get the pair of water sports shoes that will suit your style, preferences, and type of activities you prefer. From the casual beach to water sports activity, everybody will benefit from the unique shoes that will protect you and your feet from the unpredictable impact when you are in the water.

The aqua shoes are stylish, sleek, and have got unique features that help you to wade through water easily. Also, water drains fast which means your feet will stay dry and well-protected even for long hours. Here in this post, we have listed some best shoes for kayaking that offer you the most breathable and stretchable water shoe options.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for Kayaking


The first feature to consider when buying kayak shoes is their fitting. Suppose the shoes are made from neoprene then ensure they fit more snugly than your normal shoes. Neoprene generally tends to expand a bit in water hence you may end up with shoes that are loose. But, you do not want to get shoes that are very tight or you will have cramps. Shoes that are a bit loose can give you blisters and water can accumulate inside.


Neoprene is the material used for most kayak shoes today. The primary reason is this material will stay warm and is quite flexible. The neoprene shoes are accessible in different thicknesses, thus will be adapted to respective outside temperatures.

Sole is made from rubber and caoutchouc, provides lots of stability as well as protects your foot from injuries that are caused by sharp objects and stones. Most of the kayak shoes are completely made from rubber. 


It is important to wear durable water shoes as the paddle trips become a bit challenging. When kayaking or canoeing, just wearing flip flops and crocs won’t give you the right support for various activities inside and outside your boat.

When buying water shoes, it is good to look for a design that supports your foot and ankle. It will come in a form of an ankle and toe strap, thick rubber sole, shoelaces, and velcro. By having such components, your feet will move freely and have sufficient structure to avoid any kind of injury.

  • Grip Texture
  • Textile and Synthetic Fabrics
  • Rubber Sole


Suppose you buy the wrong size shoes, this will have unpleasant consequences. For instance, shoes that are very tight –particularly when wet –will pinch and damage your skin under the feet. For such reason, you must try on the kayak shoes, but make sure you check several shoe sizes before finalizing one.

Suppose you are looking to purchase kayak shoes online, then it is good you check out the reviews of the previous buyers. Many times customer reviews have helpful hints that will help to determine the perfect shoe size.

List of Best Shoes for Kayaking

Best Shoes for Kayaking

1. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

The VIFUUR water sport shoes offer barefoot-type comfort, but also give your feet complete protection & sure footing on pathways, slippery decks, and even rocks. Moreover, this high-rated kayaking shoe is simple to slip over, drains water fast, dries out fast, and does not develop odours.

Its uppers are made from breathable, ultralight, and stretch material, which offers the best comfort while kayaking in the hot climate. Alternatively, thick rubber outsoles provide good traction on slippery surfaces. In addition, the honeycomb insole structure cushions the feet against a hard surface like rocks.


  • Simple to wear 
  • Soft and simple design
  • Quite affordable


  • The cushion can be better
  • Non-breathable

2. WateLves Water Shoes

WateLves Water Shoes

WateLves shoes are rated to be a highly comfortable design, which is supported by durable rubber material and special arch support. This means your feet may stay protected while underwater or when you step on the rocks and stone.

They’re ergonomically made with an anti-slip arrangement & shock absorption abilities. It comes with a protective toe guard that makes sure better cushioning for doing water sports for hours. A high-quality sole comes finished with 7 holes that help to take out the water droplets from your shoes quickly so the person will feel fresh and dry every time.


  • Seven holes for water flow
  • Better toes support 
  • Shock absorption cushioning 


  • Lace breaks down

3. Sobaso Water Shoes

SOBASO Water Shoes

Sobaso water shoes are multi-functional unisex shoes to level up the comfort as well as are ideal for extreme water games, beach games, and family outings. The shoes have non-slip rubber material soles for right grip as well as EVA insoles for better comfort. 

Also, elastic shoelaces make sure a better ankle-hugging fit, whereas knit mesh offers much faster drainage as well as cross-ventilation. Not just do the shoes protect the feet from hard rocks and hot beaches, they improve the style statement since they pair perfectly with any kind of outfit. Besides the lightweight stretchy material, easy on/off mechanism and elastic laces help you adjust your shoes effortlessly.


  • Breathable
  • Better traction
  • Lightweight
  • Fast -dry


  • Laces rip out

4. Kararao Water Shoes

Kararao Water Shoes

With the upper layer made from spandex fabric and rubber sole, lycra material makes up the bulk of Kararao water shoe stretches, the material is breathable and ultra-lightweight. Quick draining and it is perfect for the cross-ventilation, doesn’t matter what kind of activity you plan to do with this shoe, it provides a barefoot feeling.

Pull tab at its heel allows for simple putting on/off, while the patent sole is the unique non-slip rubber that comes with 7 upgraded holes for fast drainage, so water leaves out faster, creating a healthier environment by preventing any cultivation or spread of germs and bacteria.


  • Elastic lace for fast adjustment
  • Suitable for kayaking


  • Not prettiest shoe
  • A bit flimsy

5. AFT AFFINEST Water Shoes

AFT AFFINEST Mens Womens Water Shoes

AFFINEST is one of the reliable brands that have a range of shoes for women, men, girls and boys. These water shoes are ideal for exercises in aerobics, beach, weight training, sailing, garden, volleyball, swimming, yoga, boating, fishing, and much more. 

Additionally, these sandals are made with an anti-collision cap that will protect the feet from getting rubbed. They have around 11 drainage holes, which allow the water to flow fast and keep the feet dry and healthy.


  • Price is tough to beat   
  • Best fitting sandals
  • Traction is good 


  • Strong smell

6. Ubfen Water Shoes

Ubfen Water Shoes

Made from durable polyester fabric with a mesh design, Ubfen aqua shoes have got breathable features. Its Lycra fabric is stretchable for the comfortable fit and the ergonomic design of this sole prevents the toes from being hurt during a collision. These shoes are accessible in many colourful designs and styles.

Ubfen water shoes perform really well by letting water escape from the shoe through its drainage holes. Mesh upper and top layer allows these shoes to breathe. Sole features the convex dots that will enhance its ability to offer anti-skid traction and give them strong friction while walking and running. 


  • Anti-slip
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Smooth neck


  • Can be flimsier

7. Hiitave Water Shoes

hiitave Womens Water Shoes

With the non-slip rubber sole material that perfectly complements its breathable polyester fabric, Hiitave water shoes come in the striking print design that the manufacturers have not left any aesthetic concerns out.

Its bottom has drainage holes that will keep water flowing easily, whereas shoes can easily be adjusted and fit perfectly by using the elastic band as well as removable shoelaces. Its wide, 5-toe box will help your feet to relax, ensuring that although these shoes fit snugly they will not cramp your feet that is a big bonus to such a strong product.


  • Breathable design
  • On and off pull tab
  • Durable
  • Drainage holes
  • Quick-drying


  • Cleaning can be tough

8. L-RUN Water Shoes

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

L-RUN water shoes are perfect shoes that you must include in your list. These water shoes feature the honeycomb insole, multiple drainage holes, sweat absorbing fabric, and lace-up strip that gives a perfect fit. The water shoes will protect the feet from any sharp objects and make sure you have a better fit. 

Besides, the TPR sole provides maximum traction and makes it appropriate for running and walking on slippery or wet terrains. Also, their flexible and lightweight body made from stretchy material makes sure cross ventilation as well as gives a barefoot feel. Furthermore, a foldable outsole makes sure simple storage while you are on a go.


  • Fast dry
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Sweat-absorbent
  • Anti-slip sole


  • Issue in size

9. Seekway Water Shoes

SEEKWAY Water Shoes

Make the outdoor vacation more memorable, safe and comfortable with these breathable and flexible aqua shoes from Seekway. The thick rubber soles material provide cushiony comfort & give your feet the complete protection that you need. The best-quality mesh makes sure air permeability and keeps your foot dry and refreshed. 

It has got 3D non-slip structure that offers the best grip by increasing friction as well as tracking adhesion. They also prevent slipping on the wet terrain. This spandex fabric includes small air holes to drain out water.


  • Non-slip treads
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Cushiony comfort


  • Not for the rugged terrains

10. SAGUARO Water Shoes

SAGUARO Men's Water Shoes

SAGUARO water shoes are perfect fitting and light outdoor activity shoes, best for sailing and swimming. These shoes are designed from high-stretch and durable fabrics which means they’re very comfortable and can last long.

Thanks to the strong wicking performance, these shoes offer quick drying so won’t rub when you are out on a beach and sun-dried in the beach bag. Besides, they are very thin to get rolled up and stuffed in your bag but a bit thicker, which means the wearer will walk over pebbles and bumpy surfaces without any trouble.


  • Better comfort 
  • Non-marking 
  • Fast-drying 
  • Removable soles 
  • Multiple designs 


  • Quality issue
  • Not enough support

11. SIMARI Water Shoes

SIMARI Water Shoes

SIMARI, being a reputable shoe manufacturer, designs high-quality shoes. Available in the affordable range, these shoes are perfect for any water sports activity. Like other popular brands, SIMARI water shoes are best for yoga, beach games, Pilates, pool, sailing, kayaking beach volleyball, and more.

Perhaps, due to its low price point, many water shoes aren’t backed by a warranty. However, it is not the case with this brand. SIMARI has backed their products with a reliable warranty & money-back guarantee. Besides, these water shoes are available in many different colours. It includes Stripe Black, Circular Grey, Circular Black, Stripe White, Colorful, 190-red Stripe, Constellation, and many more. 


  • Highly comfortable 
  • Come in a water-resistant bag 
  • Best for various sports activities 
  • Sole is thick for better protection
  • Amazing customer service 


  • Not suitable for long hours

12. Mishansha Water Shoes

Mishansha Water Shoes

Mishansha is a popular company that doesn’t take benefit of the quality of products to hike their price. The water shoes from this brand work really great still they are in an affordable range. Hence, they make stunning purchases for people on a low budget. Thus, do not wait more and get these shoes now. Mishansha water shoes are perfect for any water sports activity, hence we have included them in the list of the 12 best kayaking shoes. 

They also come in many different colour options that are Black and Grey, Only Black, Black and Green, Blue, Black and White, Red, Grey and Blue, Blue and White, and many more. So many colour choices allow you easily find what is perfect for your requirements. The water shoes are available in many sizes, which includes half sizes. 


  • Highly durable
  • Shoes look good 
  • Shoes dry out fast 
  • Fit is perfect 
  • Best for beach
  • Stay in the proper place 


  • The grip could be better


How much tight should be the kayak shoes?

The kayak shoes must not be very tight or very wide. Wearing very tight kayak shoes fast becomes uncomfortable. Particularly when these shoes are wet, besides, too wide shoes will fill up with the water that gives a strange feeling while running and will lead to blisters due to the friction.

Are straps much better than the laces?

The straps are fast to adjust compared to laces. When it comes to actual shoe fit, there’s not much difference and choice is subjective for many people.

What else to use kayaking shoes for?

Whereas it depends upon your particular item, the majority of these kayaking shoes listed can also be used for various water activities, like surfing and fishing (some best kayak shoes are suitable for various water activities). Some can also be used for climbing, hiking, or trail-walking. Suppose versatility is an important factor for you, then you must look up the product online & see how people find it.

Can water shoes be used for playing sports?

The water shoes can also be used for different sports. They represent a strong option for diving, swimming, walking, surfing, and yoga.

Are kayak shoes worn on an on-top kayak?

Due to the open type, the sit-on-top is well-suited for warmer temperatures. Most of the kayakers that are in such kinds of kayaks go for thin kayak shoes and special sandals while paddling.

Final Words

With the water shoes, you can enjoy the ocean to its maximum. They offer you complete peace of mind by knowing your feet are rightly protected when indulging in water-related sports activity. But, not all water shoes are best for you.

Quite importantly, the water shoes will protect your feet that normal shoes will not. Even when in water, your feet will face different risks like bruises, scratches, and cuts. Most of the risks are diminished by wearing the right type of water shoes.

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