Inflatable kayaks are a growing trend among people who like to get in the water and paddle for long hours. Apart from their lower price tag, you will find that they are lightweight and portable than the harder models used for kayaking.

The inflatable kayaks are the best way for beginners to get the right feel for this sport without sacrificing storage space and installing the roof rack. Finding the best two-person inflatable kayaks will allow you to tour the open waters, navigate the narrow outlets, and explore the surrounding with your kayaking companion without any kind of hassle.

The inflatable kayaks are the best starter option as they are portable, lightweight, simple to transport, and easy to learn. They generally tend to be very less costly compared to the hard-sided kayak models, thus you may try this sport without making the big initial investment.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Inflatable Kayak


Most of the inflatable kayaks are highly stable in water as well as are very good for beginner kayakers. But, if you are looking to move very fast in water with good manoeuvrability, then you will require something long and narrow. This said, the inflatable kayaks will have some amount of width and cannot be very long, or they may lose their stability very easily.


The next thing that you need to consider, before selecting the inflatable kayak, is to know what type of kayaking you are going to do. Whether it is cruising over the slow-moving lake or rivers or exploring the sheltered bays, Fishing or multi-day kayaking tours? Starting on a sea in the choppy conditions, hitting whitewater rapids or more? All these kinds of kayaking are feasible in the best 2 people inflatable, but, some are highly suited to a few things compared to others. 


The inflatable kayaks might sound very risky, however, they are nothing like the blow-up pool accessory. Most of them are made with the thick puncture-resistant first-grade material, at times many layers deep, and several air compartments that will decrease your odds of shipwreck. But, the most expensive brands generally tend to be designed with the stronger material for longer shelf life.


The best inflatable kayaks generally tend to be very less costly than the hard-sided counterparts. But, even the inflatable kayaks have variable cost ranges. Like you would expect, the higher its cost and better will be the quality you get.

Suppose you want to have a lot of fun when out on the water with your children for a short time, then you must not invest much. However, if you are planning to go over the lengthier expeditions, you may have to consider the higher investment for safety and comfort.


The inflatable kayaks material is very important for their popularity and success. Its fabric has to be very durable to not come out at the sight of the pointy rock, but very light to pack down & transport without any use of the trailer! Let us look at the top fabric options that you must consider:

  • PVC: Abrasion resistant, affordable and highly durable and has questionable environmental impacts.
  • Nitrylon: It is much stronger and durable and eco-friendly compared to PVC. But they are also very heavy.
  • Hypalon: Strong and durable and highly resistant to UV rays, extreme weather and chemicals. It’s found on the high-end kayaks, however not very abrasion resistant as the PVC.


Once you check the list of the top 2 person inflatable kayaks, you will see the option includes 1, 2 and three paddlers too. Also, how many people the kayak will hold, size of a kayak has the bearing on the type of kayaking that you will do. For the overnight trips or fishing, you will have to choose something with internal space & storage. 

Let us check the review of best 2 person inflatable kayaks.

Best Two Person Inflatable Kayaks

1. Intex 68310VM Dakota K2

Intex 68310VM Dakota K2

When you are planning to buy the Intex 68310VM Dakota 2 Person, you do not need to sacrifice safety or comfortability just because it’s the inflatable option. Besides, this makes it very simple to transport & better choice for people who are searching for a practical kayak where you do not have to find lots of storage in the home. Never lug over the heavy kayak that requires many people to carry this when choosing the kayak that is inflated right there.

Intex Dakota K2 inflatable includes two 86 oars and an air pump. It means you can inflate the kayak and take this on a road with you. Also, you can inflate this on the location that means you do not have to worry about packing the kayak up on the car or the road trip. 


  • Holds two people over 400 pounds
  • Made for agility and speed when out in the water: 
  • Made with strong vinyl construction especially for adventuring
  • Inflatable seats with the backrests 


  • Much lighter than the hard-shell kayak
  • Simple to transport
  • Quite easy to inflate
  • Highly affordable


  • Kayak swings
  • Seats don’t stay in the proper place

2. Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Kayak

Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Kayak

It will take you just a very short time or 5 minutes for inflating the Driftsun Rover tandem kayak with its double-action pump & built-in gauge. After that, you may single-handedly carry this kayak out to the water with its front and back handle, as it weighs not more than the toddler. The tough bottom material & attachable fin make this vessel very simple to manoeuvre, and its boat handles currents, wind, and small waves much better than you may expect.

You just have to sit back & relax in its high-back seats with the cooler & gear packed under its front & rear bungee compartments. This kayak can be divided into 3 separate compartments that can inflate separately. Suppose one pops out, two others will stay inflated and keeping you afloat till you get on the shore.


  • Comes with Pump, Paddles & Repair Kit
  • Pointed Nose Entry
  • Rocker Profile


  • Aluminium paddles, rear tracking fin, hand pump & carry bag comes included in this packaging
  • Heavy-duty make allows you to continue using this for years to come


  • Not appropriate for the professional kayakers because of lack of functions

3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado is the small and lightweight tandem-fishing kayak of just 10 feet, however, it is the best choice for the paddlers who would like to invest in something very lightweight for a person to carry out in the backpack (other paddlers may carry the bag with all its fishing gear).

The sets of holders on every side of this kayak keep the paddles safe and secure and totally out of your way when you are out fishing. This boat comes with 2-rod holders that will be positioned perfectly on any side of its paddlers. The second set of rod holders are added if every paddler has 2 lines to set up at one time.


  • Comes with adjustable seats
  • Fits easily two people
  • Adjustable Berkley Rod Holders for hands-free fishing.
  • Airtight System that will avoid leaks.
  • Multiple Air Chambers allow the kayak to stay inflated even though a chamber gets punctured.


  • Used in the coastal conditions
  • Much stable kayak
  • Versatile use can be used as a single canoe or tandem kayak
  • Rover-Friendly
  • Maximum weight capacity 470 lbs.


  • Doesn’t come with any paddle
  • Doesn’t come with a pump
  • Not good for the use in stormy and windy conditions

4. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 inflatable tandem kayak is a real deal – and it does not cost you much, and is highly efficient in the use as the high-end kayak. Designed from rugged vinyl, the model is also proven to be durable and sturdy. Unlike the non-inflatable kayaks, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is compact, lightweight, and simple to assemble within minutes.

There’s enough space at the back of the paddler to store additional camping gear & food. The Intex Excursion kayak is the best option if you’re looking for the added comfort & higher specifications.


  • Has 3, Air Chambers
  • Material is Rugged Vinyl
  • Standard Directional Skegs


  • Seats are removable and adjustable that makes it simple to paddle in comfort
  • Bright yellow colour will help in the emergencies
  • The repair kit comes with a kayak is very handy if any unexpected damage happens 


  • It isn’t appropriate for the large bodies

5. Airhead Montana Kayak

Airhead Montana Kayak Two Person Inflatable Kayak

Pack this affordable recreational boat in the back of the car next time when you go out camping and road-tripping. Suppose somebody gets an itch to go out boating, they will just unroll & inflate its floating vessel with the hand pump (and not included) in a matter of minutes. Its bright orange material actually makes it simple to spot your children out on the water as well as makes you highly visible to the water traffic.

Its 4 bottom fins make this simple to stay over the stable lake water & minor waves. This reinforced bottom helps to prevent punctures whereas the 3 separate inflatable sections will keep the durable boat over water in any rare event of a leak. Airhead Montana kayak offers nice touches like the adjustable brace, inflatable seats with adjustable backrests and elbow guards.


  • Easy to Set-Up
  • Front & Back Spray Covers
  • Reinforced Bottom


  • Air chambers are well-protected by Nylon fabric for their highest durability level
  • Elbow guards offer extra comfort for long paddling expeditions


  • Not at all appropriate for the windy weather conditions

6. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex is in the kayaks business for years now & is the most popular name in this segment of the inflatable single kayaks. They’re known not just for the affordable range of inflatable kayaks but for offering good quality in the price range.

By offering quality products constantly over a long time they have actually earned a very good reputation in this kayak market. The Intex Excursion Pro inflatable kayak series is made for two persons. Surprisingly, it’s equally-priced to several two-person kayaks providing similar or lesser features. Another best feature is the usability of touring and fishing kayaks.


  • High-pressure spring-loaded valves
  • Lightweight & abrasion resistance material
  • Handles on both the ends           
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Inflatable booster pad 
  • Two floor-mounted footrests
  • Adjustable & removable inflatable seat 


  • Easy to remove the bracket.
  • Sufficient storage spaces.
  • Stainless D-rings improves storage capacity
  • Pump, pressure gauge, and paddles included 
  • Simple to carry 


  • Oars quality isn’t great 
  • Not suitable for the choppy water


What are the top inflatable kayaks?

For the inflatable kayak to consider, make sure it is lightweight, easy to install, portable, and strong enough. These are just some of these categories that are highly important that you need to look at. To know which is the best inflatable kayaks, then it depends on the experience & type of water that you will be yakking in. Make sure you check this guide and make the right choice.

How safe are the inflatable kayaks?

The inflatable kayaks are as safe as the traditional kayaks out there. You should take the right precautions to stay safe when you are kayaking, like wearing a life vest & avoiding whitewater. Also, the material that the inflatable kayaks are designed of must be durable, robust, as well as strong to take you on aquatic adventures.

What’re the inflatable kayaks made of?

There’re three main kinds of material used in construction that depends on the category of the inflatable kayak. The first category is light recreation, which is made from single-layer vinyl. The second category is vinyl and covered in nylon fabric that will protect from certain elements. And the last material type is the thick PVC, at times with the drop-stitching, which is highly durable, rigid, and expensive.

Final Words

Inflatable kayaks are used in many different water types, which will range from calm lakes & ponds to oceans and rivers. Remember that water currents of any kind of water body before you start kayaking in them, or what you are planning to do. The inflatable kayaks are normally used best in waters, which have very little or no debris as well as are deep to get rid of any risk of puncture.

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