Looking to know how you can properly transport the kayak? It is important information for kayak owners. What is the point of having your kayak if you cannot transport it to the local or even far-out waterways?

Kayaks mainly come in many sizes and shapes, with the most modest water boats measuring around 2m in length. So, there are some factors that you need to check out from what gear you need or how you will prepare your boat for transportation. Where do you start?

Continue reading to check out the answers on how to get the kayak back to the water– in the most convenient, efficient, and reliable way!

Methods to Transport a Kayak

There are many ways how you can transport your kayak. When transporting your kayaks over longer distances, these three methods will come to your mind.

Truck Bed or Pickup Truck

Kayak Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are the first and most convenient mode of transportation for the kayak, and suppose you drive one, then you are in some luck: You will not need to make any modifications to the vehicle to turn this into a kayak-mobile. 

Besides, you do not need to buy any extra towing equipment. Depending on your truck’s bed size, you may fit two and more kayaks in it–so no trailer is required. 

Open the tailgate, slide in your kayak, and fasten it by running the ratchet straps over the handles and back to your truck – then you’re ready to hit the road.

Vehicle Rooftop

How to Transport A Kayak

It is yet another best choice for many people. Suppose your vehicle has built-in rooftop racks that will come to your rescue. If not, then you have a few options. There’re some nice kayak racks easily available online. You will find it in all ranges and sizes, and very safe and durable.

If you do not want to spend any money on the rack system, then pair of foam racks can work a trick. You just have to tie them to the kayak’s hull and attach your kayak to the vehicle.

If the kayak’s seat can be removed, you can take this off from your unit before venturing out. It will catch less wind & will not fly off.

Kayaks will get a bit heavy and bulky to lift, hence you may need a help of a person to lift them with you.

Trailer Your Kayak

Trailer Your Kayak

Kayak trailers generally come in different sizes and ranges. Trailers are best for heavier fishing kayaks and carrying two or more kayaks conveniently.

The next alternative is to trailer the kayak. It is an amazing option for people who transport kayaks frequently but do not use any roof rack. Suppose you already have the trailer, which is of the right size for the kayak, probably it will be the highly efficient way.

On the other hand, many places such as U-Haul have affordable day rates for trailer rentals.

But, with other methods, just make sure you use enough tie-downs that will keep your kayak in the proper place. Remember that there’re normal-use trailers & those that are only for kayaks. Trailers made for kayaks will be costly, but it is worth an investment if you are planning to transport the kayak.

Tips on Transporting Your Kayak 

Double-check the straps- A kayak is the most expensive unit and you do not want this flying off the roof to damage the unit and other vehicles. Before starting it out, ensure you check all the straps are properly tight and secured. For more security, stop 15 minutes in your journey & recheck all the straps to ensure nothing gets loose. 

Use cockpit cover- It isn’t a must, however, a cockpit cover can help to prevent any debris and dirt from getting in the kayak’s cockpit and can stop the wind to build up inside, thus causing your kayak to move. 

Use red flag- Doesn’t matter if driving a car or a pickup truck, kayak hang is inevitable. We suggest using the red flag at your kayak’s rear end to warn drivers of its overhang. Though it is tough to miss a big kayak, you never know.


An important consideration when you choose to buy the kayak is how will you transport the unit. Suppose you have an SUV or car that is big enough, then the safest and best way you can transport the kayak is with the vehicle’s roof rack.

Do not worry if there is no roof rack on your vehicle. With the removable roof racks & alternative transport options, there are many ways you can get the kayak from one point to another.

Refer back to the handy guide, and you will have the kayak on the road & to the next stretch of water within no time.

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