Kayaks do not come in one size, if you’re in the market for a new kayak, you will come across several kayaks with different lengths, styles, and colors. One important thing that you need to consider when buying a new kayak is its weight. 

Coming to our question, “How much does a kayak weigh,” well its answer depends on various factors that you need to take into account. Kayaks generally come in all types of weights and lengths, which range between 5 ft and 14 ft, and weigh between 20 pounds to 100 pounds!

You must take a little time to find out what length and weight works right for you, particularly when you need to transport your kayak to the water. Let us take a close look in what is an average weight of a kayak.

How Much Does A Kayak Weigh

What is An Average Weight of A Kayak?

A normal kayak weighs around 35 pounds, a tandem kayak weighs around 65 pounds, and a fishing kayak will weigh around 120 pounds. Kayaks will vary between 20 pounds to 100 pounds in weight. A typical kayak weighs over 63.2 pounds and it has 12.47 feet length and 30.5 inches width. To understand the weight of a normal kayak, you must look at its construction, purpose, material, and size.

Material Used for Making Kayak

The common kayak material types are:

  • Fibreglass – Mid-range & mid-weight
  • Composite – Lighter and more expensive
  • Plastic – Heavier and cheaper

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Does the Weight of Kayak Matter?

The kayak weight matters in many ways. An obvious reason is ease of transport, particularly if you’re going on solo rides, the weight of a kayak should be very effortless to carry.

But, the primary purpose of the kayak is to float on water. Weight plays a major role in determining how effortlessly a kayak will do that. And this affects your boat’s buoyancy, stability, and storage. 

A smaller and lighter kayak means very less stability and extra maneuvering and balancing for you. Lighter boats mean very less space for you and the gear. The motorized kayaks are heavier than the normal kayaks because of the engines.

If you have a heavy kayak or choose to get one, it’s important to implement various ways you can make it easier to load, carry, and offload the kayak.

Elements That Influence A Kayak Weight

The material used to build your kayak & kayak sizes is two very important elements that influence the kayak’s weight. A bigger boat weighs more than the smaller one, and a few kayaks weigh much more than other variants.


Inflatable kayaks will weigh 20 – 35 pounds when completely deflated. The material used and the kayak’s weight are two crucial factors. The hardshell kayaks are heavier than the inflatable kayaks, though not all kayaks are the same.

Suppose an inflatable kayak is made of a multi-layered material, it can be much heavier. A severe substance, like heavy-duty PVC or Hypalon, can weigh higher than a lightweight PVC. Even polyethene is the heaviest material for making kayaks. Kevlar or carbon fiber kayaks are lighter than the traditional kayak.


The kayak dimensions determine whether your kayak is light or heavy. A longer, wider kayak can weigh much more than the shorter kayak. It doesn’t mean that shorter or narrow kayaks can be preferred. 

Even the decks and cockpits add the weight of a kayak and kayaks with the pedals and storage compartments weigh much more.

How Can You Find the Weight of A Kayak?

The kayak’s weight differs from one model to another. The kind of kayak you own will influence the complete weight of the kayak. Still, kayaks of a similar type, whether touring or recreational, weigh a bit differently from one brand to another brand. For instance, a Pelican recreational kayak and Wilderness Systems kayak will not be of the same weight. 

The easiest way you can figure out the kayak’s weight is by reading the owner’s manual. On average, you will find that the kayaks will weigh between 20 pounds and 80 pounds. Most kayaks will go over the mark of hundred pounds.

Everything that a boat is made from, to accessories and type of kayak, has the most influence over its weight. It is important to have a look at everything that you want to know about the kayak’s weight & how that will impact your water activities.


As mentioned before, kayaks will weigh around 20 to 80 pounds or maybe more. Most of the kayaks weigh between 35 (solo) and 60 pounds (tandem).

It is always better you check out the manufacturer’s website and go through the complete specifications of that model.

Think about the weight of the kayak before buying it in case you plan to carry your kayak everywhere with you. This is important if you want to lift the kayak on the car roof.

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