Burning weight is not just limited to regular visits to the gym anymore. You will be quite pleased to know kayaking is the best form of burning weight with low-impact exercise, which burns higher calories comparatively.

Whether you have been kayaking for leisure for years, or you are looking for a calm way of workout, you will find all information you want to know when burning calories while kayaking.

Kayaking has the potential to be the best workout out there that benefits each muscle group in your body. From arms to back, abs to shoulders, kayaking is a wonderful activity to transform your whole body. Still, better, exercise can enhance your mood, increase mental health, and release feel-good endorphins, which offer you a very good time.

Coming to our question: how many calories does kayaking burn? Well, there are various factors like age, weight, type of kayak, miles traveled, and more. 

How Many Calories Does Kayaking Burn

But, an average person with 200 pounds of weight paddling with just moderate effort will burn over 476 calories per hour of kayaking. On the other hand, people who weigh over 125 lbs will burn around 283 calories an hour of kayaking.

Calories A Person Can Burn Per Hour While Kayaking

An average individual weighing around 150 pounds can easily burn 300 to 500+ calories an hour when they’re actively paddling over a recreational or sit-on-top style kayak at a moderate speed for an hour.

The number of calories a persona can burn an hour while kayaking differs depending on the type of kayak, paddling intensity level, body weight, and environment—water, temperature, and wind—around you.

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Calculate Calories Burned Per Hour While Kayaking

To calculate just the right amount of calories burned during a kayaking activity, it is important to know its MET. The metabolic equivalent of task or MET is the amount of oxygen your body consumes at rest.

1 MET or 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kg of body weight X minutes of activity performed

Activities can be categorized in light, moderate, or vigorous intensity. Higher the effort you put in when kayaking, the more the MET rate can be and the higher calories you burn every minute.

Kayaking Vs. Walking, Running, and Cycling Calories Burned

Burning calories mainly depends on the weight of a person and the distance covered. The walking speed of a person is also one important factor. When you walk at 4 mph speed, you can easily burn around 131 calories a mile, for a person with 180 lbs weight. Simultaneously, he can burn over 212 calories within 30 min walking.

A person running at 4 mph speed will burn around 255 calories within 30 min. If such a person runs just for 10 min, around 85 body calories are burned. To lose over 400 calories, one has to run for over 50 min. Suppose he runs at 6 mph speed, he can burn 416 calories within 30 minutes. The high-calorie burning rate is because of the oxygen speed used up by a person.

One of the studies shows energy expended is much lower on land (like running and cycling) than inside water (like kayaking or swimming). Thus, a person can burn higher calories in kayaking compared to running, walking, and cycling in similar conditions.


Kayaking is the best way you can burn calories and increase your fitness level while enjoying your favorite activity.

Whether you wish to enjoy the relaxing paddle or want to enhance your cardio, kayaking will offer the best workout at different fitness levels for everyone.

The harder and faster your kayak, the higher calories you can burn.

Remember, this will help to enhance your muscle strength and stamina by doing extra workouts and training that will improve your paddling performance.

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