Personal Flotation Device or PFD is available in many standard sizes, types, and colors. For many, these are highly preferable to the lifejackets because they give more comfort and moveability compared to the lifejackets.

PFDs are designed to withstand the constant wear, generally, they don’t present a similar stage of guard like life jackets. You need to carry one PFD for every person aboard.

An important feature of an approved standard jacket is floating an individual face up even though he is unconscious so you may take breaths rightly.

When Should You Discard A PFD?

What’s a PFD?

The personal floatation device is mainly used with the life jacket. While on the water surface, whether you are on the boat or kayak, and your life jackets must be approved, it is must be of the right size and serviceable condition for better use.

PFD isn’t effective to offer buoyancy after it’s worn and old, thus knowing how you need to maintain your PFD, make sure you test for the right buoyancy. It is important to learn when is the right time you need to discard PFD. Certainly, they are not meant to last for very long, thus having a little idea about when is the right time you must discard or replace it will be very helpful.

Make Sure to Get the Right PFD Size

PFDs generally come in different sizes and shapes. There’re life jackets for kids and large individuals too, or dogs, hence not excuse will work for someone getting equipped with a downsized preserver. Read PFD manufacturer’s suggestion on sizing that supports individual’s weight, and work out if PFD of every person is acceptable.

PFDs can be classified by the varieties for youngsters and adults, with many different size options accessible. Do not allow any adult to wear the child-size PFD. Do not assume that the selected life vest can work, let everybody try them on to ensure it fits properly. The PFD must be snug, however not very tight, and fasteners need to be close.

When Should You Discard A PFD?

Given are some top reasons when you must discard a PFD, check them out, and find out when you must take a final call.

When It Fades

Just like other devices, fading is a sign you must to discard the PFD. It is generally because of improper storage or exposure to the sun. Fading will not mean that your PFD has got useless at the point. But, there are chances that it’s headed in a particular direction. Then it is advisable you plan and replace the PFDs while you notice that it has faded completely as it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Air Leak

This is another problem that tells you to discard your PFD. Suppose you find any air leak, it will not be very helpful. However, if you find wind leaks, then it can be much better to change fast. But, you need to find an air leak just by compressing a PFD unit. Thus, you will find a device leak. If you see any leak, change it fast. Or, you will not be safe in case you face danger outside the river.

When Gets Dirty

A PFD must be kept clean all time. Also, try and keep this away from dust and dirt. If you do not clean it properly, then dirt may accumulate and get excess. Besides, in case of excess dirt accumulates, then it can become unusable. Thus, the new PDF needs to get replaced.

Given are some reasons to consider:

  • No longer buoyant
  • Rips and abrasions on material
  • ​Damage to buckles and strap webbing
  • Materials have faded and suffered damage
  • Air cartridge got expired
  • Frequently exposed to harsh temperatures through poor storage and usage
  • ​Fabric is loose over foam in the life vest

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