No matter whether you are out for kayak fishing or paddling adventure, there are chances that you may have to put down your paddle sometime. Hence, a good kayak paddle holder will be your third hand and help you prevent the paddle to float off.

You will find many different gadgets available that make buying the right one a bit tough, it is a real challenge to know which of them are necessary or which models works in the right way. We cannot cover all this territory in one single article, however, we are going to delve into those accessories and they are kayak paddle holders. Before going ahead looking for the best kayak paddle holders clips, let us check out some important things before buying one:

Factors to Look At When Buying Kayak Paddle Holder

Best Kayak Paddle Holders

Here are some important features that you need to consider when out buying a kayak paddle holder:

Construction and Design

Kayak paddle holder generally comes in many different sizes and shapes. They all have just one purpose, and that is keeping their paddle attached to the kayak! However, some of them are a bit ergonomic depending on your physique and height. Some are much simple to install and there’s some important difference too! Hence, check out the make and design of the kayak holder before buying one.


There are many people who do not check out this option and ignore it completely! Bolts must not go in the difficult area as that can make them tough to install. It can cause your kayak paddle to get placed in an inconvenient area. Simple installation means that you may easily remove and relocate the paddle holder anytime you want.

Most kayak holders generally come with bolts, which are located in one line. The bigger paddle holders generally come with many bolts that you want to tighten or cover more space. Thus, you need to choose the holder according to your kayak size and paddle.


The kayak holders aren’t only used for water. They also can be very useful when transporting the kayak to & from the water, even though they might not at all be appropriate to hold the paddle when your kayak is over the roof rack. With the paddle holder installed, it becomes rather simple to keep the paddle secure when you carry the kayak down on a lake that can mean you have a spare hand for lifting the kayak and carrying extra gear. Also, you can keep the paddle stored safely in your paddle holder when you are not using the boat, for instance when it is in the garage that can save you some space.


Holding paddle clips do not come with several options especially when you are looking for different materials. You may either go for the metal one or a plastic one. The metal holder will damage your kayak’s exterior and graphics of the paddle with time, thus it is good you choose the plastic ones. 

There’re lesser chances of rust and corrosion too. Manufacturers make use of hard plastic for the construction of the holding clips, so they are very lightweight. They’re simple to clean & maintain. If you think that “plastic” means cheap and breakable – then you need to understand the fact that manufacturers make use of heavy-duty plastic that is durable and strong!

7 Best Kayak Paddle Holders

1. Housedeco Kayak Paddle Holder Clips

Housedeco Kayak Paddle Holder Clips

Housedeco kayak paddle holder clip will make sure your kayak’s paddle is firmly held so it doesn’t slip away when in the water. You can mount it in your convenient location on the watercraft, compatible with various types of kayaks, and used for storage in the garage as well as securing nets on the boats or kayaks.

The rubber nuts include a flanged neoprene sleeve with the captive nut, used in the blind holes & tubes. Tightening the threaded screw in the nut expands an insert to secure its fixing.


  • Cost-effective 4-piece set           
  • Carry handles with proper screw filling            
  • Paddle leash with buckle

2. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder

YakAttack RotoGrip holder for a kayak is one of the best paddle holder made to be easy and fast to install. The holder features a good track mount that is easy to mount on many brands of gear tracks, which includes YakAttack, RAM, YakGear, and Scotty.

The YakAttack kayak paddle holder attaches very well, and you just need to position this paddle in between your rollers and it may lock & hold your paddle safely in the proper place. Moreover, without using any button and having this underneath a strap or anything like that, you may turn this easily on the paddle vertically or horizontally on the kayak.


  • Low profile
  • Two is used for the cross-deck storage
  • Mounts for gearing tracks

3. Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder

Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder

The Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable paddle holder is perfect for the sit-inside kayaks since it’s made to clip on over the rim of the cockpit. They can easily be installed and removed, and allowing you to use this on various kayaks whenever you want to.

The paddle holder benefits from having 2 more clip holders, which are ⅜” wide and one on each side of a paddle holder clip. It will allow you to hold other items, like fishing rod holders and other gear.


  • Convenient size
  • Clip-on
  • Extra clips

4. Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder

ǎKayak Bungee Paddle Holder

Kayak Bungee Holder is the easiest accessory that you may add to the fishing kayak and is designed with very high durability. You need to decide the good mounting spot, which is the simplest position that you may have an access to the paddle.

When you determine its position, you need to pre-drill holes on the kayak & set all the pieces to its instruction manual provided. The paddle holder is manufactured in the USA & is made using the best grade of materials. The product comes with complete guarantees that this product can last for a long time. The package comes with two kayak bungee holders that are made from a pre-installed 6 MM bungee cord.


  • Holds paddle tight
  • Simple access to paddle
  • Made from quality materials and won’t break down very easily

5. YYST 4 PCS Kayak Paddle Clip

YYST 4 PCS Kayak Paddle Clip

YYST is the best paddle clip holder and does not need any kind of screwing equipment or harming your canoe or kayak. You just have to join this to bungee line, D-rings, and pad eyes of the boat.

There’re four paddle holders in this package. Hence, it’s an amazing alternative for dual kayaks since 2 pieces can safely hold one paddle. Also, they’re very easy and convenient to use while snapped on a kayak.


  • Don’t need screw and drill in the kayak
  • Sturdy & holds paddle well
  • Straps are universal & can fit various sizes of the paddle shafts

6. RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount

RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount

The Railblaza Quikgrip Paddle Clip Grip is made to hold the standard sized shaft around 1 ⅛ inch to 1 ⅜ inch. It is directly mounted on the gear tracks over the kayak, thus you must not have to drill in the boat to install this. But, if you do not have the kayak track systems then you will have to buy them separately.

This paddle holder is 2 ¾ inches long hence it can easily grip the paddle without any need for the second holder. Mount features the mini mounting point hence you may attach extra accessories, like the phone holder or camera.


  • Optional mounting area
  • Standard sized paddles
  • Gear track compatible

7. Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Rubber Clips

Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Rubber Clips

Shoreline Marine Propel Paddle holders are designed to be drilled straight on the boat and kayak, thus unlike YakAttack Paddle clip, these aren’t much compatible to get used with the gear tracks. 

There are two rubber clasps intended to hold the standard paddle.

Every clasp is made with the flexible rubber that makes the paddle fit in every clasp safely and holds this paddle in the proper place. The 2 clasps are located at an edge of the kayak and can select and customize their distance in between every rubber clip for the length preference.


  • Simple on & off access
  • Mounted straight to the kayak
  • Simple to install
  • Pack includes 2 paddle clip holder


Why buy a paddle holder for a kayak?

Paddle holders are a very important accessory if you like fly fishing from the kayak. As you will have to hold the fishing line every time, it’s highly unlikely you can hold on to the paddle every time. For this reason, you must think of investing in a good quality paddle holder for your kayak so that you do not end up losing out control over the paddle when jostling with your fish in the middle of the river or lake.

Are paddle holders safe?

Yes, one primary benefit of using a paddle holder for your kayak is it can keep the paddle safe while you’re busy with fishing or something else. You may take pictures of your surrounding areas without even thinking of losing control over your paddle.

What is the use of a paddle holder?

The paddle holders can prove very handy when you need to take a kayak out of the water and get a kayak out of the water. As you do not need to hold on to the paddle, you just have to use both hands to get this kayak off and to the water effortlessly and easily. These paddle holders can keep the paddle safe and secure throughout the whole transportation procedure.

Final Words

The paddle holder will give you complete freedom when out on the water, and giving you a safe and secure place for keeping the paddle safe while you are not using it.

If you are looking for the best paddle holder, then I hope these reviews of the best kayak paddle holders help you make the right decision. We think YakAttack RotoGrip will be the best paddle holder as it is easy to mount to the current gear tracks and can be used for holding the kayak paddle over the deck and within simple reach.

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