When you are on the water, it is very important for you to consider having kayak cup holders for better comfort and convenience. You will be able to enjoy your favorite drinks no matter where you are and close at your hand. They are quite useful to store small tackle boxes & gear in the most convenient places.

Moreover, this cup holder for canoe and kayak will even hold small tools such as bait heads and pliers. However, there are a lot of amazing ranges of kayak cup holders available in the market that you can select from. Thus, you need to pay attention to each minute detail if you are to get the best cup holder for the kayak for your requirements. This guide can help you find the right kayak cup holder & take you through these steps that can help you find the best one.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Cup Holder for Kayak

Best Kayak Cup Holders

The best cup or drink holder for a kayak will be an amazing addition to your water boat. But, it is important you select the right cup holder by taking into consideration some important specifications and factors like size, materials, compatibility, durability, and more!

Size: First you have to make sure that you choose the best inner area, which fits your drinking habits. Suppose you prefer doing it big and using a cup with an insulator, then a wider cup holder will be the right size choice for you.

Stability: You will not want the cup dancing with rough waters when you paddle. Thus, ensure your prospective drink holder holds the drinks safely since it will prevent any accidental spilling.

Compatibility: There are different cup holders available in the market and all have different types of designs & mounting requirements. Thus, ensure you select the best piece for the kayak brand.

User-Friendly: The cup holder you choose must be easy to set up and do not break loose from the mount. The cup holder that’s simple to use will help to ensure that you make most of this little time that you have for your kayaking activity.

Material Quality: There is no sense in buying the kayak cup holder that will break just after 2 days. Thus, make sure you check the durability and quality of the product that you are buying.

Price Range & Warranty: Your final consideration is depending on the budget, you must set your price range when buying the best cup holders for a kayak that is within your limits. Moreover, the right cup holder for a kayak with a warranty can help to ensure it does its work properly and gives you complete peace of mind when using it!

6 Best Kayak Cup Holders

1. Kemimoto Motorcycle Cup Holder

Kemimoto Motorcycle Cup Holder

If you are looking for the best kayak cup holder, then Kemimoto’s design is the best. This cup holder is highly suited for boats and bikes having rail rods, however, one can also use this holder with kayaks with a coaming. The mounting clamp has a 360-degree rotating level that you may use with horizontal or verticle bars, which will range from 0.6 – 1.75” thick.

At 4 inches in diameter, this kayak cup holder will handle a 24-oz bottle easily. This has the drawstring closure so you will tighten its top while using the slimmer bottles such as 18-oz and 12 oz.

Strong and durable designNot perfect for all kayaks
Easy to clean fabricShaky with big and heavier items.
Fast and easy to mount –

2. Scotty Cup Holder

Scotty Cup Holder

Scotty kayak cup holder is the most convenient accessory rack that you may use for hanging tools & lures. This high-quality product has the rod holder gunnel and posts mount for trouble-free installation on the kayak.

Besides it is easy to mount to the gear tracks with Scotty gear track adapters. It is easy to remove and will hold different containers such as water bottles, cans, and coffee cups.

Can hang lures and toolsLimited mounting details
Simple to install –
Simple to remove –

3. Yakattack MultiMount Holder

Yakattack MultiMount Cup Holder

YakAttack MightyMount cup holder for kayak makes it very simple to install it. This is one top-rated kayak and canoe holder that is made for complete versatility. Besides the kayak, you may also use this for holding water bottles, cans, and steel bottles.

You can also use this holder for putting different small tools and items that you might want to keep close for fishing as it is enclosed at its bottom. This holder is made from premium materials that will withstand even harsh marine environments, thus it is highly durable.

Big to store can with beer koozieLacks water draining hole
Quite Versatile –
Simple to install –

4. W4W Universal Stroller Cup Holder

W4W Universal Stroller Cup Holder

W4W Universal stroller is the best cup holder designed especially for lasting long. Besides the plastic used while designing the product is quite durable because it has a silicone insert. This makes it expand and fit various bottles sizes. Thus, for the heavy drinkers, you will be assured about carrying plenty of fluids in case you want.

Besides being strong and durable, it’s durable and waterproof. It is considered the best in the market right now. Its Grip is made from rubber that extends over 1.75”.

Highly DurableRubber flaps are weak
Very Flexible –
Simple to install –

5. SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder

SkiffDaddy is the toughest and simple to install beverage holder for kayaks and canoes. It is made to last long and simple to use as it does not have any moving parts & nothing to assemble that can wear out. This is one amazing cup holder that fits kayaks, patio chairs, deck railing and dock and much more.

You do not need to drill any hole in the boat as there is nothing to drill. Only friction fit to the standard pontoon railing and you are good to go. This holder holds bottles, cans, cups, and other items such as water toys and sunglasses.

Strong and DurableNot perfect for wider and insulated cups
No moving partsHang bottler facing outwards
No assembling requiredNot perfect for wider and insulated cups

6. Universal Cup Holder

Universal Cup Holder

The universal cup holder is one amazing product in the market and made with a phone holder that will easily fit all types of phones. This stroller cup/drink holder is made from ABS that is recyclable and sturdy. Its clamp is made with silicone rubber, this ensures this holder is safely clamp-on and keep your hands free.

This cup and bottle holder is made with silicone petals that will keep cups stable as well as prevent the beverage from spilling out. It fits all cup or bottle sizes and bottles that have handles.

Easy to useNo quick  release
360 degree rotationGets loose
Flexible design –

Final Words 

There you get it, the best cup/drink holders for a kayak in the market, I hope this buying guide will help you find the right one that meets your requirements. Though many people do not give much importance to the cup holders, one kayaking trip without this essential product can highlight the importance of this gear for you.

Get one now, enjoy your favorite beverage and stay hydrated, when cruising inside the waters.

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