Want to fish crappie? There is not anyone right month or season to catch crappie. But, there’re a lot of good months you can go catching crappie, and the primary key is to know the right strategies to find & hook them rightly. No matter whether it is spring, summer, and fall, every new season or climate provides great opportunities, and this keeps crappie fishing fun and exciting activity.

What’s the best time to go crappie fishing? The best time of the day or year for crappie fishing will be after sunrise and just an hour before sunset during the summer months. Nighttime will produce very good crappie fishing, especially during warmer months. And during winter months, midday will be the right time, when the air temperature is a bit warm, works best for black & white crappie. Continue reading the entire post to get more breakdowns for every season and the best time period to catch crappie.

Best Time To Fish For Crappie

Best Month to Go Crappie Fishing

Basically, you can catch crappie any time of the day, but the spring season gives you a wonderful opportunity of catching plenty of them. It is because fish will start spawning, and you will not have plenty of fish in just one area than spring. To check out where you can find crappie are around 75% of the battle when you are fishing in spring months. To target crappie on the shore seems to be an ideal way to start your fishing season.

Where to Find Crappie?

Crappie, black and white both are generally native to America, in the eastern half and even in Canada. But, they have been introduced across the USA & can also be found in other contiguous states too. They’re freshwater species, but can easily be found in water, like ponds, lakes, and slow-moving rivers. Generally, their preferred environment will have clear water with sandy or muddy bottoms, perfect for digging out their nests, and vegetation for finding shelter & providing oxygen.

Natural Lakes

Crappies start to bite after ice-out and when the water warms to the mid-’40s. Fish move in shallow, under black-bottomed bays and channels connecting lakes. The reason is this water warms much faster than any other area as well as has the earliest plankton crops. In natural lakes that lack channels or shallow bays, you can look for the crappies outside weddings. Seeking them will be tough as they will be scattered. 

When the temperatures rise to mid-50’s, crappies start moving slowly in the near vicinity of the spawning areas. The black-bottomed bays lack such nesting habitats, hence crappies shift to areas with the harder bottoms.


Rivers are another best place you can catch crappie, providing you know where you must hunt them. Since crappie favor underwater areas with structures and cover, this will be important information to remember when going to cast the line.

Some areas with sections or eddies of still water will be the best place you can catch them since they will lie for prey to go by. However, fishing from the deep rocky bank can prove highly lucrative, particularly in early spring, since this is when baitfish are feeding on algae and rocks and crappie fish will start to nest in shallower coves close to the river banks.

Final Words 

Every season provides a wonderful opportunity to catch crappie.

Basically, you have the right opportunity to catch them when fish are spawning especially in the spring. During this season, fish will be much smaller. It is important to know where they can provide you with valuable opportunities. Also, you do not just know where crappie is, but you also know there are plenty of them.

During the summer months, fish will be spread out. Remember that crappie is hiding close to the structure, you must find them with help of the GPS finder.

Big lakes with a lot of room to move to tend to be the best place for Crappies populations. They provide many places for the big Crappies to escape anglers throughout this season.

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