Are thinking of kayaks? Then engaging in water will be your next thought. Planning a fun-filled kayaking session is much more than rowing your kayak inside the water. To enjoy a perfect kayaking moment, it is important to have the required accessories, and one such accessory that we will talk about in this post is the bilge pump.

Yes, you are right; the bilge pump is an essential accessory to look at, as it will save you from the hassle if the kayak takes on the water. No matter whether you are paddling through the rough waters or taking on water, and trying to paddle once again after capsizing, the bilge pump will not let you soak in the bath of water when you are paddling.

Bilge pumps for kayaks are an important safety kit that serious paddlers must definitely have in the kit. They will prove quite useful when you take over too much water on the sit-inside kayak. But, there are different brands and types of bilge pumps available in the market and knowing which is the best among them will be very tricky.

What is Bilge Pump?

In simple terms, a bilge pump is one type of water removing pump very simple, straightforward, and compact to use. This bilge pump for kayak can also be used for evacuating water from your kayak cockpit and storage hatches, thus making it simple to remove any excess water without any additional headache to tip the kayak over and pour the water out. In this way, you may continue the trip without taking the kayak to shore.

Different Types of Bilge Pumps

Manual Bilge Pumps

The manual bilge pumps are perfect for most kayaks since they are more compact and stored easily in the craft. Most of manual pumps generally work in the same way as air pumping in the tire and air mattress, except that the water pump is sucking up enough water with every pump and expelling this through the connected tube.

To remove excess water you will have to use your hands to pump out excess water from the specific area or position the hose or tube outside of the vessel. With this, the water will get fired out of the yak and return to the ocean or lake than elsewhere in the boat.

Automatic Bilge Pumps

The automatic kayak bilge pumps make use of the motor and do the work. They will pump out water from your yak easily, you only need to switch this on. They are best for the bigger boats, and for times when the kayak will have lots of water, or you want to pump out water while paddling than pump it manually.

But, one downside with such a pump is they need a little effort to install, they are a bit bulkier and will take up a little more space. On a plus side, you do not need to worry about stopping to pump water out when you are paddling and taking plenty of time after you are off the water. You just have to turn on this pump and it will automatically remove the excess water from the boat within no time.

How to Choose Best Kayak Bilge Pump?


Kayaks are made to sit low inside the water and thus collect water naturally. Even though you’re paddling on the calm water, still it will drip from this paddle handle every time you take the swipe. It will slowly create a puddle inside this kayak.

There are times when water collection is very minimal and a manual pump can work fine. Sometimes, water will be rougher and waves higher, thus causing higher water collection. It can happen when you’re facing water conditions, which need you to paddle and do not stop pumping. Deciding what kind of kayaking you want to do is your first step in selecting the bilge pump style you may need.


On the manual pumps, the ergonomics of this handle are very important. Ensure it is comfortable on the hand since if you have to bail the whole kayak, it will take higher pumping!


The size of the bilge pump you need may depend on your kayak size or how much water you want to remove. The larger the bilge pump, the more water can get rid of in just one move.

But, you do not want your bilge pump very cumbersome for the craft. Just think where you can store this and ensure it is available easily without being in a way of the paddle strokes. Securing this within simple reach of the cockpit, like on your deck, will be the better idea.


The electric pumps for kayaks are generally rated by the number of gallons every hour of water that they will move. Such ratings are more aspirational than accurate. However, they help to classify the pumps in low, medium, and high-capacity. The hand pumps are generally rated by the number of pumps that it takes for moving a gallon of water.


You must take into consideration where this pump will get strapped and mounted and if your kayak is tandem or single. Suppose you are selecting a manual bilge pump, strap this on the side of the kayak and position it within simple reach when you want it. For instance, you may place this under an edge of coaming (the lip of a large hole where you sit). If your pump is of the wrong size for the kayak and long, it can get in a way when paddling.

One important safety tip that you must consider is if you go with the manual pump, then you need to attach the coiled tether to its pump handle and kayak through the safety clip and allow for the removal during transport. It can ensure you won’t need to chase this downstream and retrieve it if this works loose from its strap.

5 Best Kayak Manual Bilge Pumps

Best Kayak Bilge Pumps

1. SeaSense Bilge Pump Hose

SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose

SeaSense Bilge Pump Hose for kayak can be used for pumping out excess water from your canoe or kayak manually and it comes with the hose. This will allow you to pump water far away from the cockpit and force this out over the side and directed through its hose.

This bilge pump hose comes in various sizes of 36” with 36” hose. For the kayaks, it is better to go with smaller sizes for pump storage purposes. SeaSense pump is made to be lightweight and corrosion-resistant which can make it the best option for kayaking in the saltwater.

You are sure to get excess water out by pumping it out from your boat easily. This hose can also be removed, if you do not need it. Suppose you are paddling in the kayak and get your feet soaked in the pool of water, you exactly know how much irritating it is. This is the best choice for you.


  • Adjustable pump hose makes it simple to direct water away from your kayak or boat
  • Self-priming


  • Expensive 
  • Hose may crack 

2. Better Boat Kayak Bilge Pump

Better Boat Kayak Bilge Pump

Second, on our list is Better Boat Pump, this bilge pump will prove to be your best friend, especially during an emergency. This 39’ long hose reaches the kayak bottom easily and gets your job done much faster. This pump does not need any electric power to function. Besides this pump comes well-equipped with a clog-free filter that keeps seaweed, debris, and leaves away. It will pump out over 25 water gallons /minute, thus you may imagine the great things that this pump will do in tough times.

Better Boat pump is very efficient because of the suction spacers, which allow maximum flow in the pump for removing water quickly. This features the premium watertight seal that doesn’t come leak or loose, hence allowing the maximum amount of suction as well as discharge of the wastewater. 

The wide design of this pump, helps you to reach the kayak bottom effortless and fast. Moreover, this simple to handle and lightweight bilge pump has got durable construction, which will last you in kayaking adventures for a long time. Also, it does not require any power supply to function.


  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Watertight feature 
  • Includes hose to direct the water
  • Ideal to keep water level in control
  • Doesn‘t clog


  • Doesn’t throw water far

3. Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump

Seattle Sports Paddler's Bilge Hand Pump

Seattle Sports Paddlers pump is the standard and simple-to-use pump used manually. This is highly portable and stows effortlessly in most kayaks. It is a basic type of pump, however, it is a favorite of many people. It’s simple and small but does its trick perfectly.

Just put its base inside your kayak cockpit and pump out the water on the side. In case you get some people with the pumps, you may easily turn the group kayak trip into a vast scale water fight! This pump is simple to use, there are no extra parts to attach or break, hence it is a super affordable pump model.

The bright colors of this pump make it simple to keep the track of when you are out in the water. Its handle grip is very convenient, as it will be tough to hold on to the plastic and foam while you are out in the water. To have a better grip while paddling, consider getting paddling gloves.


  • No unnecessary parts
  • Stowed easily
  • Not very expensive


  • Fewer features​​​​​​
  • Tough to control where water can shoot
  • Need to stop paddling while using it

4. Best Marine Kayak Bilge Pump

Best Marine Manual Bilge Pump

Best Marine Kayak Bilge Pump is made for kayak enthusiasts. Doesn’t matter how best you think that your skills are, you may find water inside your kayak, and you might badly need a good bilge pump. This is where the Best Marine pump comes in very useful for you.

With a Marine bilge pump, removing excess water out from your boat or kayak will be done within no time. It’s done easily. This pump comes with the best quality piston that makes its pump move much faster with a little effort required to attain the pressure needed to siphon out water from your kayak. The pump provides you better value for your hard-earned money since it can also be used on various water vessels than just the kayak.

This pump is compact and lightweight. This hardly weighs even a pound. You do not have to worry about extra weight on the kayak. Also, this pump is made in the best way that helps to floats. It gives the Marine Pump a better choice over other brands. Even when this pump mistakenly falls in your lake, do not worry, since it can be retrieved back easily in your kayak.


  • Compact and portable, for simple storage
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility
  • Floats 


  • May not be seen in the dark conditions

5. Perception Bilge Pump

Perception Bilge Pump

The Perception bilge pump for a kayak is 21” long and weighs 14 ounces, thus making it perfect to stow on deck and in the cockpit. This removes excess water at the rate of 1 gallon every 13 and 14 pumps and also features a padded grip for non-slip use. This good grip adds buoyancy and helps this pump to float.

This pump comes with a useful feature and it is corrosion resistant for saltwater use. This pump is made to expel water on upward & downward strokes for better efficiency and is available in a bright colour for better visibility while out on the water during the dark.

You can stow this pump inside your kayak since it needs very less space and won’t disturb the paddling. You can leash this to the front of your kayak deck, thus it is not out of sight. The ribbed output nozzle lets you attach the hose when required. Foam outer keeps this pump afloat and decreases stress when pumping.


  • Value for money
  • Pumps out excess water with upward & downward strokes
  • Comfortable and non-slip grip
  • Ribbed output nozzle with an output hose


  • Not appropriate for use in large and double kayaks

5 Best Kayak Automatic Bilge Pumps

1. MAXZONE Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump

Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump

Maxzone bilge pump provides low power for the low price, with over 1100 gallons per hour. Even though this pump serves as the backup to the powerful bilge pump, which you own, it’s reasonable and comes with various features that you will expect. It is classified as the best piston pump out there.

With an outlet diameter of 3 quarters inches, water can stream out the bilge just like water from the garden hose. It includes Maxzone’s pump which is the float switch triggered over how high is its water level. It can just turn on from the electronic reed sensor thus you do not have to do anything with your hands to turn this on and off. When it stays off, it won’t consume power.

 The motor fitted inside is compact, efficient, and can last a very long time. Its motor is highly muffled and quiet because of the high impact plastic of the pump. This works like the charm and doesn’t expect to wobble with time. The pump is simple to install without any setbacks and obstacles you come across. Another thing to take into account is there’re other pumps that you can buy that will cost less that might do the same job. 


  • Simple to install
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Motor is silent 
  • Has float switch
  • Turns on when it detects higher levels of water


  • A bit expensive

2. ECO-WORTHY Marine Electric Bilge Pump

Marine Electric Bilge Pump

If you do not mind using a simple bilge pump, then you must look for something, which has a higher flow rate and lower price, one such model is ECO-WORTHY. It is the best choice accessible. Though it might not be very attractive, this bilge pump will get your job done effortlessly and affordably.

With an 1100 GPH rate, the ECO-Worthy bilge pump can be unrivalled by the expensive pumps available on the list. Thus, why is the bilge pump very affordable? The notable omissions in the product are float switches, thus you will either need to install on your own or just rely on the traditional power switch.

If you are in sight of the boat’s bilge or trust yourself to activate the bilge pump manually, this must not be a big problem. Alternatively, we would recommend the automatic pump if you forget about the bilge’s condition. One important thing to know is this pump features a reliable motor that is quite rare to find at such an affordable rate.


  • Needs less power to run.
  • Offers better capacity output.
  • Comes with installation manuals with a wiring diagram.
  • Offers vibrationless and silent operation.
  • Best for fishing boats.
  • Very efficient.
  • Stand out from any adverse conditions.
  • Combat with the harsh environment.


  • One can’t use this for a constant period.
  • If the pump is bigger, it can demand a bigger hose.
  • 1100 & 2000 GPH models require an external float switch

3. Sanuke Submersible 1100gph Bilge Pump

Sanuke 1100gph Bilge Pump

Sanuke Submersible pump comes with clear instructions and can be very simple to operate. Make sure you follow its instructions very carefully and the pump will offer you better output and life for which this pump made 

This pump is made from ABS material that is waterproof and durable. All its wire ends & terminals with the heavy-duty sealant and situated above the highest possible level of water by fastening with the insulated staples and plastic straps. This bilge pump can also be used in the aquarium, fountain, fishing boats, and various other places to drain out excess water

Compact and efficient motors, this pump is portable and made from long-life motors. This will can Improve the work efficiency, besides it is designed from the heavy-duty sealant & corrosion material Protection


  • Works perfectly and is affordable
  • For longer use
  • Best deal
  • Impressive pumping power


  • Performance-wise average

4. Creatorele Bilge Pump

Creatorele Bilge Pump

Creatively Bilge Pump is an effective and affordable product in our list of the top automatic bilge pump. Despite being the economical choice, this pump doesn’t mean it lags in performance. It is a 12-volt bilge pump that delivers better efficiency while maintaining the low current draw. Suppose efficiency is one important consideration for you, it is the best pump. Whereas it is the small pump, this is big in the terms of performance and features. This 1,100 GPH bilge pump has the best flow rate looking at the size.

With the versatility, you can use the bilge pump beyond just fishing boats. This is good for bigger vessels, which includes yachts and cruise ships. Outside the marine applications, you can use them in aquariums, solar water systems, and fountains. This comes with a 29 mm nylon opening for its discharge port. It helps the pump to accommodate various sizes and types of joints, which depends on what you’re using.

This pump has ABS plastic housing that is known for impact resistance. In tough conditions also, its case doesn’t break easily, protecting your motor and other components. Shafts are made from stainless steel. The manufacturer advertises the pump as corrosion-resistant. 


  • Small size with a perfect flow rate
  • Higher capacity when using low current
  • Nylon pipe accommodates various joints
  • Has impact-resistant housing


  • Metal parts are prone to rust and corrosion

5. AIRTAK Bilge Pump

AIRTAK Bilge Pump

AIRTAK Bilge Pump has a compact and efficient motor that is long-lasting. This small volume & portable pump is made from long-life motors and will improve the work efficiency. AIRTAK Bilge Pump is designed from heavy-duty sealant and rust and corrosion material, hence it gives complete protection. 

The base of this bilge pump is used by quality and easy clean lock strainers and the lifespan of this pump can be prolonged. It is very simple to install can be used with a bilge switch. The bilge pump can also be used in fishing boats, aquariums, fountains and various other places to drain out excess water easily.

Rule 25S Bilge Pump is the automatic pump made to be convenient and compact for kayaks, unlike bigger electric pumps out there. The pump needs a 12-volt power supply & will need electrical installation. Rule 25S has the float switch & built-in sensors, which will automatically detect the water levels in the vessel. When water gets detected, this pump can automatically begin pumping out the water so you do not have to stop paddling. It is made to shut off automatically when the water level in the craft reduces. It can be the best choice if you want to remove excess water from the vessel but you are not in the position to do it yourself physically, like on whitewater and rough sea conditions.


  • Pump & switch are the stand-alone products
  • Compact, long life and efficient motors
  • Mercury-free switches
  • Simple snap-lock strainer 
  • Marine-grade wiring pump


  • Performance is average


Why Do You Need Bilge Pump for Kayak?

When you are out kayaking, there’re higher chances that the water can get inside the kayak. Even though you have the scupper plug that will stop the water to get in from below, still water can get in from the waves or drip in from the paddle. Without the kayak pumps, removing excess water from its cockpit is a tough job to do.

How Are Manual Bilge Pumps Used?

With its handle provided at a top and intake in water, you need to point your manual pump outlet over your kayak side. After that lift its handle up & down to draw up the water through the bilge pump & out through spout or hose in case you have an attached one.

Final Words 

No matter you choose an automatic bilge pump or manual bilge pump for your kayak, it is an important kayaking accessory that you must consider. It is essential to have the best kayak pump stowed in an easily available place close to the kayak seat. Suppose you have the kayak electric pump, follow the instructions given to make sure you install this right so that it works perfectly.

Most of the kayaks will not be taking on sufficient water to need the automatic pump quite often, so the manual version must work fine. An adjustable hose makes it simple to get excess water out of the kayak, even in a tough-to-reach corner.

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